July Message from Anne Haines, DreamSpring President/CEO

    July 19, 2023

    July Message from Anne Haines, DreamSpring President/CEO
    Dear DreamMaker,

    Entrepreneurial Spirit is how we serve small business owners. To DreamMakers, it means harnessing innovation to rise above headwinds, embracing change with agility and a positive attitude, and learning from mistakes and triumphs alike. There is ample opportunity to practice Entrepreneurial Spirit in the midst of this challenging economic environment, as it impacts the financial industry as a whole, our organization, and every business we exist to support. Just like the small businesses we serve, we continue to pivot and innovate to help our clients make their vision a reality. Together with you, our partners, we can change the trajectory of small business owners in need so that their dreams can soar.

    With appreciation,



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