Board Members

Photo of - Clarence McAllister
Clarence McAllister

CEO, Fortis Engineers

Photo of - Yashoda Naidoo
Yashoda Naidoo

President/Owner, Annapurna's World Vegetarian Café

Photo of - Michelle Coons
Michelle Coons

Senior VP/Regional President, WaFd Bank

Photo of - Betty Arkell
Betty Arkell

Equity Shareholder, Robinson Waters & O’Dorisio, P.C.

Photo of - Edmond Johnson
Edmond Johnson

President/CEO, Premier Manufacturing, Inc.

Photo of - Greg Levenson
Greg Levenson

President & CEO, Southwest Capital Bank

Photo of - Jerrie Merritt
Jerrie Merritt

SVP, Community Development Manager, Bank of Nevada

Photo of - Bill Ridenour
Bill Ridenour

Attorney of Counsel Fennemore Craig

Executive Leadership

Photo of - Anne Haines
Anne Haines


Photo of - Marisa Barrera
Marisa Barrera

Chief Impact Officer

Photo of - Raymond Ziler
Raymond Ziler

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of - Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez

Chief Operations and Innovation Officer

Photo of - Metta Smith
Metta Smith

Chief Lending and Client Experience Officer

Team members

Photo of - Alfonso Ramos Landaverde
Alfonso Ramos Landaverde

Community Lending Officer, New Mexico

Photo of - Ali Hughes
Ali Hughes

Assistant to the President

Photo of - Analisa Smith
Analisa Smith


Photo of - Bill Tye
Bill Tye

Audit Specialist

Photo of - Carla Bermudez
Carla Bermudez

Client Ambassador

Photo of - Carmen Castillo
Carmen Castillo

People and Culture Administrator

Photo of - Daniel Griego
Daniel Griego

Portfolio Quality Officer

Photo of - Ernest Sankeshwar
Ernest Sankeshwar

Senior Developer

Photo of - Evan Maxon
Evan Maxon

Director, Operations & Technology

Photo of - Gerardo Novoa
Gerardo Novoa

Community Lending Officer, Arizona

Photo of - Germaine Mitchell
Germaine Mitchell

Business Partner & Government Relations Specialist

Photo of - Gretchen Williams
Gretchen Williams

Sr. Philanthropy Associate

Photo of - Gwendolyn Bonilla
Gwendolyn Bonilla

Lending & Client Support Specialist

Photo of - Isaac Crow
Isaac Crow

Community Lending Officer, New Mexico

Photo of - Jacquelyn Hernandez
Jacquelyn Hernandez

Customer Success Manager

Photo of - Jerry John Jacob
Jerry John Jacob

Vice President, Engineering

Photo of - Jessica Lubbe
Jessica Lubbe

Community, Lending Officer, Arizona

Photo of - Jessie Cardenas
Jessie Cardenas

Portfolio Quality Officer

Photo of - Jini Francis
Jini Francis


Photo of - Joe Sanchez
Joe Sanchez

Portfolio Quality Officer

Photo of - Kat Deiter
Kat Deiter

Grant Writer

Photo of - Khadisha Dildy
Khadisha Dildy

Community Lending Officer, Texas

Photo of - Kirstin Tomasini
Kirstin Tomasini

Community Lending Officer, Texas

Photo of - Lacey Keene
Lacey Keene


Photo of - Lucas Younts
Lucas Younts

IT Specialist / Project Manager

Photo of - Luis E Ceja
Luis E Ceja

Loan Officer, New Mexico

Photo of - Marco Macias
Marco Macias

Underwriting Associate

Photo of - Marquita Adesida
Marquita Adesida

Community Lending Officer, Texas

Photo of - Martin Mendoza Acuna
Martin Mendoza Acuna

Community Lending, Arizona

Photo of - Mary Perkins
Mary Perkins

Director of Philanthropy

Photo of - Michael Langley
Michael Langley

Community Lending Officer, Arizona

Photo of - Natalie Degroot
Natalie Degroot

Senior Accountant

Photo of - Paula Ronquillo
Paula Ronquillo

Operations Administrator/Loan Assistant

Photo of - Rachel Burgoyne
Rachel Burgoyne

Lending Team Manager

Photo of - Richard Lara
Richard Lara

Client Ambassador

Photo of - Sandra Lopez
Sandra Lopez

Community Lending Officer, Colorado

Photo of - Sandra Yanez
Sandra Yanez

Office Administrator

Photo of - Shady Ereifej
Shady Ereifej

Loan Servicing and Accounting Associate

Photo of - Tim Tapie
Tim Tapie

Donor Stewardship & Relatioship Specialist

Photo of - Toni Johnson
Toni Johnson

Community Lending Officer, Texas

Photo of - Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen

Data Engineer

Photo of - Vignesh Kudva
Vignesh Kudva

Senior Developer

Photo of - Vimal Nair
Vimal Nair

Senior Developer

Photo of - Yolanda Segura
Yolanda Segura

Portfolio Quality Officer

Photo of - Yvette Ulibarri
Yvette Ulibarri

Client Experience Supervisor