Board Members

Photo of - Edmond Johnson
Edmond Johnson


President/CEO, Premier Manufacturing, Inc.

Photo of - Anthony Sharett
Anthony Sharett

Vice Chair

President, Pathward Financial

Photo of - Yashoda Naidoo
Yashoda Naidoo


President/Owner, Annapurna's World Vegetarian Café

Photo of - Ginny Bayless
Ginny Bayless


Business & Financial Strategist, Community Investor for Impact

Photo of - Betty Arkell
Betty Arkell

Equity Shareholder, Robinson Waters & O’Dorisio, P.C.

Photo of - Irvin Ashford, Jr.
Irvin Ashford, Jr.

Chief Community Officer, Comerica Bank

Photo of - Jerrie Merritt
Jerrie Merritt

Senior Vice President, Community Development Manager, Bank of Nevada

Photo of - Kim Peone
Kim Peone

Executive Director, Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA)

Photo of - Bill Ridenour
Bill Ridenour

Attorney of Counsel, Fennemore Craig

Photo of - Alice Rodriguez
Alice Rodriguez

Retired Executive, JPMorgan Chase; Co-Owner, Kendall Milagro Inc.

Executive Leadership

Photo of - Marisa Barrera
Marisa Barrera

Chief Impact Officer

Photo of - Anne Haines
Anne Haines


Photo of - Suzette Longfellow
Suzette Longfellow

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of - Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez

Chief Operations & Innovation Officer

Photo of - Metta Smith
Metta Smith

Chief Lending & Client Experience Officer

Team members

Photo of - Carla Bermudez
Carla Bermudez

Client Ambassador

Photo of - Gwendolyn Bonilla
Gwendolyn Bonilla

Compliance Officer

Photo of - Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown

Philanthropy Database Analyst & Systems Admin

Photo of - Jessie Cardenas
Jessie Cardenas

Portfolio Quality Lead

Photo of - Ashley Carreon
Ashley Carreon

Loan Processor

Photo of - Carmen Castillo
Carmen Castillo

People & Culture Administrator

Photo of - Luis E Ceja
Luis E Ceja

Underwriting Associate

Photo of - Jeanette Cerami
Jeanette Cerami

Recruitment & Training Specialist

Photo of - Isaac Crow
Isaac Crow

Lending Supervisor, New Mexico

Photo of - Brian Daskalovitz
Brian Daskalovitz

Director of Risk Management

Photo of - Darcie DeFoe
Darcie DeFoe

Marketing & Brand Director

Photo of - Natalie Degroot
Natalie Degroot

Accounting Supervisor

Photo of - Vamsi Devarapalli
Vamsi Devarapalli

Junior Developer

Photo of - Shady Ereifej
Shady Ereifej

Loan Servicing & Accounting Associate

Photo of - Victor Espinoza
Victor Espinoza

Loan Closer

Photo of - Jini Francis
Jini Francis


Photo of - Brianna Galvan
Brianna Galvan

Loan Closer

Photo of - Daniel Griego
Daniel Griego

Portfolio Quality Officer

Photo of - Gloria Gutierrez
Gloria Gutierrez

Loan Processor

Photo of - Dashaun Hereford
Dashaun Hereford

Client Ambassador

Photo of - Jaquelyn Hernandez
Jaquelyn Hernandez

Client Success Manager

Photo of - Jerry John Jacob
Jerry John Jacob

Vice President, Engineering

Photo of - Shaundra Jacobs
Shaundra Jacobs

Community Engagement Officer, Texas

Photo of - Toni Johnson
Toni Johnson

Lending Team Manager

Photo of - Amber Kani
Amber Kani

Director of Communications

Photo of - Lacey Keene
Lacey Keene

Accountant II

Photo of - Kyle Klabunde
Kyle Klabunde

Senior Loan Officer, Colorado

Photo of - Vignesh Kudva
Vignesh Kudva

Senior Developer

Photo of - Alfonso Ramos Landaverde
Alfonso Ramos Landaverde

Community Lending Officer, New Mexico

Photo of - Michael Langley
Michael Langley

Racial Equity Program Advisor, Arizona

Photo of - Kimberly Leifeste
Kimberly Leifeste

Third Party Product Manager

Photo of - Marco Macias
Marco Macias

Underwriting Lead

Photo of - Alexa Marban
Alexa Marban

Community Lending Officer, Nevada

Photo of - Laura Marrich
Laura Marrich

Senior Communications Specialist

Photo of - Immanuel McGee
Immanuel McGee

Community Lending Officer, Arizona

Photo of - Stacy Miller
Stacy Miller

Executive Assistant

Photo of - Vimal Nair
Vimal Nair

Senior Developer

Photo of - Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen

Data Scientist

Photo of - Jeremy Noil
Jeremy Noil

SBA Lending Specialist

Photo of - Meghan Rauker
Meghan Rauker

Community Engagement Officer, Colorado

Photo of - Brittany Ritenbaugh
Brittany Ritenbaugh

Individual Gifts Officer

Photo of - Paula Ronquillo
Paula Ronquillo

Underwriting Associate

Photo of - Felix Ruiz
Felix Ruiz

Credit Risk Manager

Photo of - Joe Sanchez
Joe Sanchez

Portfolio Quality Officer

Photo of - Ernest Sankeshwar
Ernest Sankeshwar

Senior Developer

Photo of - Jonathan Sarabia
Jonathan Sarabia

Senior Loan Officer

Photo of - Yolanda Segura
Yolanda Segura

Portfolio Quality Officer

Photo of - Andrea Silva
Andrea Silva

Community Lending Officer, Colorado

Photo of - Analisa Smith
Analisa Smith

Senior Director of Finance

Photo of - Logan Thompson
Logan Thompson

Head of Philanthropy

Photo of - Ashley Treibel
Ashley Treibel

Marketing Specialist

Photo of - Bill Tye
Bill Tye

Audit Specialist

Photo of - Ikechi Ukazu
Ikechi Ukazu

Community Lending Officer, Texas

Photo of - Yvette Ulibarri
Yvette Ulibarri

Client Experience Supervisor

Photo of - Marissa Valenzuela
Marissa Valenzuela

Accountant I

Photo of - Jill Weinberg
Jill Weinberg

Grant Administration and Acknowledgement Officer

Photo of - Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson

Community Lending Officer, Nevada

Photo of - Sandra Yanez
Sandra Yanez

Senior Office & Facilities Administrator