Find Your Perfect Funding at an SBA Lender Matchmaking Event

    December 4, 2023

    Find Your Perfect Funding at an SBA Lender Matchmaking Event

    Small Business Administration events make it easy and fun to access tailored financing solutions

    You’ve heard of “matchmaking” to find an ideal life partner, but what about finding an ideal funding source for your business? Matchmaking events presented by the Small Business Administration (SBA) can help you identify the right financial partner to help you start or grow your business. They’re an easy way to get see what financing options are available, and there’s no cost or commitment to participate — just show up with your questions!

    SBA_Lender_MatchAs a DreamSpring Community Engagement Officer, Shaundra Jacobs has had the privilege of attending several SBA Lender Matchmaking Events in the greater Houston area, each offering a personalized opportunity to connect entrepreneurs to a variety of funding sources. The SBA hosts their Lender Matchmaking Events in collaboration with a dynamic cast of amazing partners — including the Asian Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Houston Women's Chamber of Commerce, just to name a few. These partnerships showcase the collective commitment by small business organizations, local chambers, and colleges to fostering small business growth in our communities.

    Lender Matchmaking Events are unique because they provide entrepreneurs with a platform to pitch their financing needs to different lending institutions in 15-minute intervals. Shaundra looks forward to these sessions because they let her directly connect with new and seasoned entrepreneurs regarding their capital needs. She finds that each Matchmaking session is a wonderful opportunity to engage with different types of entrepreneurs, understand their business aspirations, and explore how DreamSpring can best assist them — be it through providing lending capital, pairing them with a business mentor, or directing them to educational resources to help their business grow.  


    DreamSpring Community Engagement Officer Shaundra Jacobs (left) seated with Houston entrepreneur (right).


      As entrepreneurs navigate the complex landscape of securing financing, these events serve as a bridge that connects them with potential lenders who can help turn their visions into reality. The sessions are equally valuable to lenders, as one-on-one discussions foster a deeper understanding of each entrepreneur's goals and challenges.  


    Being a champion of small business goes beyond access to capital — it's about creating an ecosystem of comprehensive support that contributes to the overall success of the entrepreneur. Likewise, the impact of the SBA’s Lender Matchmaking Events extends far beyond the venue. The entrepreneurs who find support in these sessions become catalysts for positive change, contributing to the vibrancy of their communities.



    To find an upcoming SBA Lender Matchmaking Event in your area, visit sba.gov/events.


    Filter by keyword (search “matchmaking,” in this case), date range, state, or meeting type (events can be offered in-person, online, or in a hybrid format) to see any events that fit your criteria. In addition to Lender Matchmaking, the SBA offers numerous workshops and events that address a wide variety of needs along your entrepreneurial journey, so check back often!



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