Profiles in Partnership — Finance New Mexico

    January 3, 2023

    Profiles in Partnership — Finance New Mexico

    Finance New Mexico (FNM) is a one-stop shop for New Mexico entrepreneurs seeking to start or grow a business. Founded in 2007, the project offers advice, resources, and local business profiles across a wide a range of business topics from its online hub at financenewmexico.org.


    Through a network of public- and private-sector business service providers — including DreamSpring and primary project sponsor the New Mexico Small Business Investment Corporation (NMSBIC) — FNM leverages collective resources and expertise to nurture New Mexico's small-business-powered economy.

    FNM’s Grow It! initiative, for example, is a clearinghouse of local business licensing requirements for municipalities across the state, making it easier for entrepreneurs to register or re-register their companies according to local regulations. FNM keeps entrepreneurs up-to-date by reporting on the activities of several New Mexico-serving business organizations, as well as curating a bulletin board of business-boosting opportunities, entrepreneurial events, and alternative financing products.

    Small business owners can also ask for personalized guidance using a simple online submission form and receive tailored referrals, resources, and assistance from Finance New Mexico within 24 hours.