How Ascent Can Help You Level Up as a Small Business Owner

November 8

The Small Business Administration’s free platform provides self-paced learning for women entrepreneurs

Calling all women entrepreneurs! Looking for some in-depth self-paced business education? The Small Business Administration (SBA) has the tool for you!

Ascent is a free online learning platform developed by experts in women’s entrepreneurship. Through videos, self assessments, and fireside chats, you’ll be able to dig deep into a variety of topics. Ascent is divided into major topics called Journeys. Within each Journey, you’ll find Excursions with the tools you need to a master a topic. Pick and choose what topics are most relevant to you and your business; skip the ones you already know!


Topics offered by Ascent include:

  • Disaster & economic recovery: Prepare for a disaster by understanding its potential impacts and forming a plan for your business.  
  • Strategic marketing: Explore specific planning techniques, strategies, and tactics to make your business stand out in a sea of competition.  
  • People: Discover smart strategies to help recruit, hire, and retain the right people.
  • Business financial strategy: Sharpen your financial skills with data-driven decisions and projections using these tools.
  • Access to capital: Understand how to secure funding for your business, including forms of debt and equity. 
  • Government contracting: Identify government contracting opportunities suited to your business.

Every Journey in Ascent includes resources, success stories from real-world entrepreneurs, discussion guides, and videos to support your business growth.