Hello Alice Is Your Passport to Small Business Success

    November 15, 2023

    Hello Alice Is Your Passport to Small Business Success

    Owning a small business can feel like stepping into another world, with a new set of riddles and rewards at each turn. That’s why every small business owner should be on a first-name basis with Hello Alice, a free online platform dedicated to navigating your own entrepreneurship adventure.

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    Hello Alice was founded to ensure that all small business owners — from a diversity of backgrounds and stages in development — have an equal opportunity to launch their businesses and pursue the American Dream. Here are some of the many ways Hello Alice can help you. 

    • Funding Opportunities: Hello Alice works with big-name capital partners to continually create new grants that address a variety of needs. They also run a Financial Marketplace to help pair your business with the right loan or credit solution (including DreamSpring!) through a streamlined application.

    • Entrepreneurial Knowledge: Confidently begin or continue your entrepreneurial learning journey with thousands of self-paced learning programs, guides, tools, and other types of content that cover just about every aspect of owning, marketing, and financing a small business.

    • Community: You don’t have to go it alone. In fact, surrounding yourself with peers and colleagues can be a powerful force multiplier for your business. Hello Alice regularly schedules online workshops and in-person events to help you make connections as you explore new concepts and set goals.

    • Deals: If your business relies on third-party software, products, or services — or even if you’re just thinking about integrating some — Hello Alice offers exclusive discounts and free trials for numerous industry-leading business solutions.

    • Business Health Score: Ever wonder how your business practices stack up? Take five minutes to generate your personal Business Health Score and find out. You’ll start getting personalized guidance based on your score, plus rewards for your participation, to help you keep growing.

    • Newsletter: Hello Alice sends out a terrific newsletter to keep you in the loop on upcoming opportunities for funding, increasing your confidence as a business owner, and sharpening your entrepreneurial skillset.


    Visit helloalice.com to learn more and sign up for free.