Lend Us Your Voice - Join the DreamSpring Client Advisory Council Board

    March 23, 2022

    Use your experience to elevate client voices and shape DreamSpring products


    “As an entrepreneur, you have a fire burning inside your belly, a vision and a dream that you will do anything and everything in your power to bring to life.” - Willie Degel, Entrepreneur & Restaurateur  


    In late 2018, DreamSpring set out to create the Client Advisory Council Board, a committee of current and former clients empowered to share their experience and feedback to improve DreamSpring’s programs and services. What began as a pilot program is now a thriving group of community and business leaders whose ideas and insights are helping to improve small business lending. By highlighting their unique experiences in applying, accessing capital, and repaying their loan while growing their small business, the Client Advisory Council Board connects the DreamSpring staff to opportunities to improve, adapt, and evolve small business lending and technical assistance.   


    Shape programming through testimony, ideation, and real-time feedback  

    The DreamSpring Client Advisory Council Board serves to ensure DreamSpring incorporates client voices into lending practices by creating a forum to ideate and solicit feedback. From this innovative testing ground, new products, programs, and services are vetted and considered. By cultivating the voices of our target market in a supportive environment, the board helps create loan programs that are responsive to the needs of underserved entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, the Client Advisory Council Board is a unique leadership opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to connect with the business community, shape national programming, and develop as leaders. 


    Family working together at a small business

    JACQUELINE AHASTEEN & FAMILY, I Knead Sugar | Gallup, NM


    “Clients have always been at the heart of DreamSpring’s mission, and the Client Advisory Board Council is a natural extension our commitment,” shared Metta Smith, Chief Lending and Client Experience Officer. “This outstanding group of entrepreneurs make time for not only DreamSpring, but for the future clients who benefit from their input.” 


    Interactive meetings designed for the busy entrepreneur 

    The Client Advisory Council Board meets quarterly with representatives from DreamSpring’s leadership team in a virtual forum. Meetings are structured to provide engagement opportunities and solicit feedback from all members as well as to encourage open discussion. Topics range from past client experiences to new programs that drive the long-term organizational strategy and address current and future client needs. 


    Client Advisory Council Board Expansion 

    The DreamSpring Client Advisory Council Board is actively seeking to grow membership. This is a tremendous opportunity to shape community development finance and expand your leadership skills. You can share your experience and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs just like you.


    DreamSpring clients can express interest in joining the Client Advisory Council Board by completing our application form. 


    Apply for the Client Advisory Council Board