Build Your Sales and Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps

    May 7, 2024

    Build Your Sales and Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps

    Every small business owner wants more happy customers! Let’s review how to build a sales and marketing strategy to acquire and retain new business. 


    Developing a marketing and sales strategy is essential for creating a successful business plan for your small business. Even more importantly, it’s your roadmap for attracting customers! Here are six key steps for developing a marketing and sales strategy to drive customer acquisition and growth in your business.


    Craft a sales and marketing strategy to engage new customers and help your business grow.


    1. Identify your target market 

    Clearly define the customers you'll be targeting with your products or services. Consider factors such as demographics, location, and needs when identifying your target market.


    2. Determine your value proposition  

    What makes your business unique? How does your product or service meet the needs of your target market in a way that your competitors don't? Being able to explain what sets your business apart is fundamental to any sales strategy. 

    3. Develop your marketing plan

    Your marketing plan should outline the tactics you'll use to reach and persuade potential customers to buy your products or services. This could include tactics such as social media marketing, content marketing, or paid advertising.


    4. Set your pricing strategy

    Determine how you'll price your products or services to be competitive in your market. Consider factors such as your cost of goods, target market, and competitors' pricing when setting your pricing strategy.

    5. Determine your distribution channels

    How will you reach your customers? Will you sell directly to consumers, or will you use intermediaries such as distributors or retailers? Think about the channels that will allow you to  engage your target customers most effectively. 


    6. Create a sales plan

    Your sales plan should outline the steps you'll take to convert leads into customers. This could include tactics such as lead generation, sales prospecting, and closing techniques.

    By following these steps, you can develop a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy that will help you reach and persuade potential customers to buy your products or services. 


    Example Marketing Strategy

    Here's an example of a mission, purpose, and goals for a small bakery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 





    Marketing and Sales Strategy Sample

    Target Market: 

    We’re targeting young professionals and families in Albuquerque who are looking for high-quality, locally made baked goods.  

    Value Proposition:

    We’re using locally sourced ingredients and traditional baking techniques to create delicious, artisanal baked goods. We are also offering vegan and gluten-free options.

    Marketing Plan:

    We will use a variety of channels to reach our target market, including social media, email marketing, and local advertising. We will consistently post updates and special offers on our social media accounts and send newsletters to our email list. If our budget allows, we will also advertise in local newspapers and on local radio stations.

    Pricing Strategy:

    We will create a rewards program that offers a discount for large orders and repeat customers, and we will also provide pricing for bulk orders and catering. We will continue to assess pricing for similar bakeries in Albuquerque; what we’ve seen so far indicates that we are competitive.

    Distribution Channels:

    We will sell directly through our storefront and online store. We will sell wholesale to local grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops.

    Sales Plan:

    We will focus on acquiring customers through word of mouth generated by excellent customer service and personal recommendations. We will grow into serving weddings and special events by building relationships with banquet halls, photographers, etc.




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