Identity verification: protecting you and your loan application

June 9

Safeguarding your sensitive data in the digital world 

As the financial sector shifts into digital environments, people are completing more online transactions than ever before. Doing business online is convenient, but it also increases the risks for identity theft and fraudulent behavior. To reduce the dangers of fraud, many financial institutions — including DreamSpring — are implementing trusted technologies to verify identities and protect customer information. We want to ensure your application process is secure and easy with identity verification that’s transparent, seamless, and painless. 


The DreamSpring identity verification process 

Our streamlined identity verification process is embedded within our online loan application. When you reach the identity verification section, we’ll send a verification link to the phone number we have on file for you. From there, you’ll be asked to give your consent, take pictures of required documents, and take a “selfie” picture of yourself or answer some simple identity verification questions to complete the process. 

These quick verification steps establish that you’re really you (and not bad actors posing as you). If your images are approved, you can continue to the remainder of the loan application either from your mobile device or another computer. 

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Tips for excellent images 

  • Take your photos in a well-lit room, away from harsh shadows caused by overhead lighting or direct sunlight.  
  • Make sure that all edges of your ID are visible. 
  • Place your documents on a flat, dark surface. 
  • When taking your selfie, make sure there is no glare and that your face is in focus. The image should resemble a headshot for a driver’s license or passport. 


What if you experience issues during the verification process? 

You will be able to complete the identity verification process even if you experience issues while sharing your images. We will send a passcode to the phone number we have on file; after entering the passcode, you’ll be invited to answer identity verification questions. Once you’ve correctly answered the questions, you’ll be able to continue to the remainder of the loan application just as if your images were approved. Remember: Our team is just a phone call or email away if you have any questions or concerns. We’re ready to help make your application process easy and secure!  


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How identity verification can help you 

At DreamSpring, we care about the safety of your data and quality of your loan application experience. Our identity verification process quickly gathers the necessary details to protect your sensitive data from fraud. Once you’ve completed the process, you can trust that your information is secure. It’s also convenient: Identity verification allows you to access your information anytime, letting you leave and return to the application on your own time.