Customer Photo of Hector Rodriguez

Hector Rodriguez

Owner of Topline Commercial Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

For Hector Rodriguez, small business ownership all started with a squeaky shopping cart wheel. Hector had unexpectedly found himself without a job after a decade in corporate management. Although the uncertainty was unsettling at first, Hector knew, like his father before him, that his ingenuity and handiness would pay off. After a close friend hired him to repair shopping cart fleets, Hector’s “entrepreneurial spirit” took over. 
“We’ve all been there — using the one grocery cart that’s extremely noisy, going down the aisle and wishing it would quiet down. My business started there and has evolved into specialized building repair, sophisticated anti-theft systems, and security for grocers,” says Hector. 

Based on a recommendation from his father, Hector first came to DreamSpring nearly 20 years ago for a loan to purchase a new vehicle. In the two decades since, the business has grown to include new services with support from the entire Rodriguez family. 

“I’m extremely proud of the jobs my business has provided, not only for my wife, but also my sons. They see that there is a possibility for a better life if you apply yourself; and if you are honest in your business dealings, it seems to come full circle in terms of the blessings you receive,” Hector shares. “Running a business is about others — as our business has grown, we’ve created jobs, been philanthropic leaders, and given back.”

When the pandemic threatened the success of his business and the livelihood of his family, Hector returned to DreamSpring for capital to recover.

“It seemed like a session of musical chairs, and I very much felt like the music was about to stop. Everyone was running to their banks, and no one was accepting applications. DreamSpring welcomed me again with open arms — all these years later,” says Hector. 

DreamSpring provided capital to Topline Commercial Services so that it could retain employees and continue its work to keep grocery stores, an essential service, open throughout the pandemic. Now that his business is recovering, Hector can focus on the next chapter for his family and Topline.