Customer Photo of Michelle Aldrich

    Michelle Aldrich

    Owner of The Goodness Truck in Fort Collins, Colorado

    Michelle Aldrich has seen it all. After taking ownership of The Goodness Truck in 2016, she’s catered weddings across the state, cooked along the Colorado festival circuit, and survived a flash explosion that left her badly burned. She even managed to recover her food truck after it was stolen one Labor Day weekend. Despite the long hours, vehicle maintenance, and personal injuries, Michelle loves The Goodness and can’t imagine life any other way.

    Her entrepreneurial journey started small; Michelle began as a caterer, operating a small food cart at festivals and events. Eventually, hauling her supplies back and forth became arduous and she decided to venture into the food truck business. Her specialties focus on smoking meat, cooking with a unique grill called “The Big Green Egg.” Serving fresh and local ingredients purchased from fellow small business owners and local farmers, Michelle’s truck earned a cult following for “the Hogfather,” a pork loin stuffed with Italian sausage.  

    Even when she was burned while cooking in 2018 and spent weeks in the hospital, Michelle knew she would return to The Goodness Truck and the kitchen. “I think people love the food and I like making it for them. I like the work,” says Michelle.  

    DreamSpring gave Michelle a small loan to get started; then as she built her credit, she was able to take out a larger pool of funds. “Everyone at DreamSpring is very patient and helpful,” says Michelle of her experience.