Customer Photo of Mariah & Krystalin Huey

Mariah & Krystalin Huey

Owners of SnoGlow Shaved Ice in Las Vegas, Nevada

Mariah and Krystalin Huey have always been big fans of bright colors and tasty treats. When they decided to venture into business together, they knew it had to be colorful and delicious. Four years ago, the duo launched SnoGlow Shaved Ice, a gourmet sno-cone and sno-cream business. With fanciful designs and unique flavors, the business grew quickly. So quickly, in fact, the sisters outgrew their beloved pink trailer.  
Through DreamSpring’s partnership with the Tory Burch Foundation Capital Program, Mariah and Krystalin obtained a line of credit, so they had flexible capital as the business grew. With funds to scale, the sisters have expanded into Las Vegas, where thirsty locals and tourists alike can take a break from the heat and enjoy innovative frozen desserts from the Huey sisters.
“We loved constantly getting updates as you go through the process,” Krystalin says about her experience with DreamSpring, which she also praises for "very easy and friendly customer service.”
With capital to expand, the sisters have set their sights on a bright (and colorful) future.