Customer Photo of Keeleey Davis

Keeleey Davis

Owner of Quest Transport in Houston, Texas

Keeleey Davis is not your average trucker. For starters, she’s a female business owner in a predominantly male industry. “When it comes down to the cost, the fuel, and the relationships, I know my stuff. It’s very rewarding to determine my own success and to do it in an unexpected field,” says Keeleey. When asked how she got into the trucking business, Keeleey replies, “I was captivated by the fact that transportation had such an impact on our economy. Everything has to get on a truck — whether it’s destined for a train, a boat, or an airplane, a truck is always involved.”
Keeleey’s first try at running a trucking company, several years ago, proved unsuccessful. She remembers, “It was bad timing — life was happening; I was going through a divorce.” However, as a self-proclaimed “entrepreneur at heart” and with a son headed off to college, Keeleey was inspired to give trucking another shot.

This time around, Keeleey knew she would need working capital to fuel her new business, Quest Transport. Purchasing her auto-hauler trailer out of pocket, she used a loan from DreamSpring to purchase additional equipment, insurance and payroll services. Keeleey says, “I already knew how valuable DreamSpring was from referring clients at a previous employer, but having utilized the services myself, it goes so much further than getting the loan or funding you need. It’s really about relationships.” When asked what she’s most proud of, Keeleey notes, “Being a parent is really, really important to me — being able to remain a constant in my children’s lives while earning an income and building a business.” Today, Keeleey is thrilled that she’s setting a strong example for her children that has also sparked their interest in entrepreneurship. She beams with pride when she says, “My daughter wants to be her own boss.”