Customer Photo of Jeremy Lockett

Jeremy Lockett

Owner of Jay FabWerks in Kansas City, Missouri

Quality, respect, and loyalty — plus a little argon gas — are the fuel to Jeremy Lockett’s success. That’s because Jeremy is an entrepreneur who loves building hands-on relationships just as much as he enjoys working with his hands. Jeremy first borrowed a friend’s 1970’s TIG welding torch 15 years ago, when he needed some inexpensive exhaust work done on his car. Eventually he bought his very own welding machine, using his car as a lab for fine-tuning his skills. Car enthusiasts noticed. People on the street started talking with him – and then they told their friends. That was the spark.
“Before I knew it, I was making custom parts for cars or fixing broken parts for everyone in my area,” he says. “My reputation grew like wildfire.”
His ability to connect with people was the catalyst that helped him turn his curiosity into a business. With a roster of clients eager to get their hands on some custom chrome, he started JayFabWerks for automotive fabrication and repair work. He also launched Stainless Floral, specializing in powder-coated stainless steel and titanium flower sculptures — colorful, enduring gifts meant to be shared with loved ones.
A Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan from DreamSpring kept Jeremy on his feet and helped him provide for his family during the pandemic.
Today, he’s expanded his repertoire to include furniture and computer-aided milling. Above all else, Jeremy wants people to feel welcome when they step into his shop — whether they’re commissioning a custom car part or getting free advice on their own project back at home.