Customer Photo of James Junes

James Junes

Owner of James Junes Productions in Farmington, New Mexico

Driven by faith, James Junes is fiercely committed to converting his personal tragedies into entrepreneurial triumphs. His lifelong journey to overcome child abuse, cancer, and addiction affirmed his convictions and rooted belief that laughter holds the power to heal.

Drawing inspiration from his Diné and Hopi heritage, life as a father and husband, and testimony as a survivor, James shares his story through comedy, motivational speaking, and acting. For more than two decades, James has used his lived experience to inspire others, and he isn’t shy about highlighting the bumps along the way.

“I had to learn by trial and tribulation. I tell the kids when you’re following your dream — and I think this goes for anybody — be prepared for the nightmares that will come: There’s going to be disappointment; there are going to be pitfalls; you’ll even fall flat on your face. You’re going to doubt yourself. But you know that your vision is still there, and you know that your calling is there on the inside,” says James.

No stranger to obstacles, James was ready when the pandemic caused disruptions to his business. In the face of cancelled conferences and limited in-person events, James was prepared for uncertainty. “I was ready to shift gears and not let this bring me down,” he says. “I still knew my calling, and I still knew my value.”

James realized that it was going to take more than a resilient spirit to see himself and his company through lean times; he also needed funding for business operations. With his DreamSpring loan, James was able to rebuild his website, purchase marketing materials, and support his family.

With his business recovery well underway, James sees more comedy and community engagement in his future. “Through the pandemic and DreamSpring’s help, I want to take humor healing worldwide. I want to make an impact on people from all walks of life. I’ve been given a second, third, fourth, maybe even fifth chance, and I don’t think anything is impossible anymore.”