Customer Photo of Frank Hekpah

    Frank Hekpah

    Owner of F & H Transport in Denver, Colorado

    Frank Hekpah has been delivering refrigerated and dry groceries across Colorado through his trucking business, F & H Transport, since 2015. Though Frank is a driven entrepreneur who’s committed to making his small business a success, the equipment his livelihood depended on didn’t function properly — his freight truck was unreliable to the point he could no longer work. That’s when he turned to DreamSpring.
    Frank received a DreamSpring loan of nearly $50,000, which he put toward a dependable 2014 Freightliner Cascadia. “That's the same truck I'm using now. It's been a blessing,” he says.
    But there was another bump in the road Frank didn’t see coming: An important client reduced his contract, and Frank started missing DreamSpring loan payments. For his grocery trucking business to truly thrive, rather than just survive, he knew he needed to make a financial U-turn. So Frank worked with DreamSpring to create a custom repayment plan.
    "They worked with me until I could do my payments right,” Frank says. “There were times during my payment that were hard, but DreamSpring didn't make it hard for me. DreamSpring was so helpful.”
    As his contracts started to pick up again, Frank began to increase his payments. He eventually paid off his loan ahead of schedule. Now with his finances in good standing, Frank can breathe easy and focus on taking his business to the next level. In fact, he says he’s preparing to purchase a second truck — and hire another trucker to drive it.
    “DreamSpring was always there for me,” he says. “If I would say on a scale from one to 100, I would give DreamSpring 100. They were so good to me.”