Customer Photo of Margo Baines

Margo Baines

Founder of Chicks with Class in Houston, Texas

Margo Baines is driven by helping others. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Margo felt compelled to continue working to better her community by founding Chicks with Class, a Houston-based business aimed at empowering girls and young women.
Speaking about her business inspiration, Margo reflects, “I needed to find some way to make a positive change in our society, so I thought, what about something to help girls and women look at themselves with higher standards?”
Chicks with Class hosts parties for girls aged five to 14 years old, conveying messages of confidence alongside fun activities such as manicures, karaoke, and crafts. “Through themes for the parties, I encourage self-esteem and personal development,” says Margo.
Like many entrepreneurs with a start-up business, Margo began Chicks with Class in her home, all the while dreaming of a storefront setting. When she found a vacant retail space in the right location, Margo decided it was time to advance her business to the next stage.
As a first-time business owner, Margo encountered several roadblocks as she searched for funding for her business’ new home. Fortunately, a friend recommended DreamSpring. Equipped with capital from DreamSpring, Margo was able to move operations for Chicks with Class to the new space. With the increased capacity of the new space, Chicks with Class is reaching more girls than ever. Just as Margo inspires young women to look at themselves in a new light, she believes DreamSpring helps entrepreneurs remove limits from their ambitions.
She says, “DreamSpring provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to show themselves, and the community, what they’re capable of creating.”