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    Small Business, Big Dreams

    Thanks to your work as a DreamMaker, 2022 was a year of growth and transformation for DreamSpring and the small businesses we serve.    

    With historic gains in our service area, new credit-building loans, and deep community engagement, you helped DreamSpring build pathways to prosperity for thousands of entrepreneurs in 2022.


    Dr. Shica is creating a household brand and a black-owned legacy business for her family

    Dr. Shica Little is on a mission to share her Southern roots with the United States one guilt-free treat at a time. Starting with a low-dollar loan to build up her credit history, Dr. Shica consulted with DreamSpring loan officers to find just the right financing solutions that would scale with her vision. “They were very supportive, but then they also lent their knowledge on which type of loan to get,” she says. “We talked about what my plans were, and they helped me make decisions based on that.” Dr. Shica used her DreamSpring funds to package and launch her new shelf-stable line of dairy-free, nut-free cookies.

    Using only wholesome and delicious ingredients, Dr. Shica is growing a national company, a legacy brand, and an "African American, black-owned business" to rival Betty Crocker. Keep reading to learn how Dr. Shica is baking up plans for a global cookie brand.

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    Tavares uses financial literacy to empower the most vulnerable members of his community

    Tavares James is not afraid of adversity. Growing up, his mother fled domestic violence by moving with Tavares from a large, comfortable home to a house shared with eight other people in another state. Tavares found himself getting in trouble as a young man — with the law, with drugs and alcohol, with his relationships. He knew he had to make drastic changes — in himself and in his community.  
    “No man and no woman is an island. I found that there's value that I can give to other people, and it will help me,” he says. Your support helps Tavares give back through his business, Lifeline Connection Services. 

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    Joseph's creativity and entrepreneurial spirit were investments in his neighborhood

    Joseph Manuel Alvelo lived to serve others. Until his life was cut tragically short on May 10, 2023, he helped small business owners via My Southern Exposure, the media group he started with his husband doing marketing, advertising, websites, and related services. They chose to operate on a sliding scale, including providing services free of charge. With a microloan from DreamSpring, Joseph was able to extend services to clients that otherwise wouldn't have gotten help.
    “My personal negative credit, which is partially because of student loans, negatively impacted me,” he said. “If it wasn't for DreamSpring helping me, I wouldn't have been able to do what I needed to do. But because DreamSpring helped, it helped a dream come to realization.” Read our Annual Report to learn how Joseph's small business helped him care for his community.

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    Kattia is growing her life's vision, her business, and her community — one flavorful plate at a time

    Buen Provecho Albuquerque is the only restaurant in New Mexico and one of only a handful in the United States that is 100% dedicated to “the taste of Pura Vida” — the flavors of Costa Rica. The restaurant, operating out of a charming space at El Vado open-air food hall in Albuquerque, is a labor of love for chef and owner Kattia Rojas. “Buen Provecho is my dream,” she says. “It's my baby.” 

    Although she “never planned to be a chef ... never planned to live in United States," with an enduring entrepreneurial spirit, Kattia continues to grow her business. Read our Annual Report to learn how Kattia shares her heritage through entrepreneurship.


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    Taylor's business gives her the tools to build character and generational wealth for her sons

    Taylor Symoné is determined to be a millionaire by the tender age of 33. She’s on track to achieve that ambitious goal with her award-winning Dallas day spa, Touch-N-Skin. Her loyal clientele come to “preserve the best version of themselves.” If you're looking for self-care, Touch-N-Skin has the soothing environment and skilled staff to make you feel like a million dollars.  
    This businesswoman and mother shares, “I'm really big on generational wealth, and who's better to see where you want to go and who you want to be than your mom? And so, I like to teach my kids about being their own boss." Your support helps Taylor strengthen her family through the wealth and lessons of entrepreneurship.
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